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How I Budget

Many years ago as an early twenty-something, I was told-MAKE YOURSELF A BUDGET. Truth be told, for nearly a decade, I didn’t even know how much money I brought home. Not. A. Clue. That’s the honest Truth.

Fast forward to 39…I’m in a crunch to budget. Because…well…I have to get out of debt. I will ONLY move forward! Tally ho!

I use Dave Ramsey’s app for budgeting. Every Dollar.

This website/app has changed my life. Below are the reasons why:

  • It’s user friendly.
  • It’s cheap or free. Can’t get cheaper than free!
  • It keeps me aware of how much I spend (or save!)

If you are also on a budgeting journey, PLEASE look into this website or app. It really is worth the time investment.