Lessons Revisited

Do you ever feel like God is giving you a remediation lesson? I do. A lot. He seems to give me chance after chance to learn that which I missed the first time.

I guess for me the biggest remediation lesson is simply Love. Will I choose to Love today?

At the heart of Love is sacrifice. I have loved and been loved on occasion to some degree. But sacrifice…am I willing to give up what my expectations are for the benefit of another?

Yall…I’ve failed at Love more times than I can count. Yet…every…single…day…Jesus gives me the opportunity to try again. And I’m so incredibly thankful for that.

Part of Love is holding loosely. Not squeezing the life out of a person. The deal is this: sometimes, we are holding onto someone or something that Jesus knows is not the BEST.

When I was in college, I fell for a guy. I fell hard and fast. I wanted to get married and have lots of babies with that man. He is a good man. He was not my man. I held onto him as tightly as I could…too scared to let go.

We do that sometimes…hold onto something not meant for us. In the end, it ends up hurting us more. Like holding onto a slipping rope.

I finally have let go of another rope. And guess what? I’m starting to heal. Little by little.

Friends, as I said on Instagram today, time is our most valuable gift. Use it for Good.

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