Faith, Mental Health

Find Your Calcutta

The quote above I found some time ago. I’ve always had great affection for Saint Teresa of Calcutta, even when she was alive. Mainly because she was the first person I ever saw giving AIDS patients compassion. You see, my mom passed of AIDS at the height of the epidemic. She was diagnosed in 1987 and passed in 1991. Saint Teresa of Calcutta was compassionate to the dejected. I saw that at an early age, related to it, and loved her for it. When I came across this quote, the compassion in it was just too beautiful to overlook.

I got to thinking…what about MY Calcutta. Where is it? What can I do for it? I decided I have 2.

The first a foremost Calcutta is my classroom. I love on my babies and their families. They need love. That is why I teach. Not for the paycheck. Not for the wisdom. Simply for the Love.

The other Calcutta is this blog. I get to love on people who are hurting, who have been to the darkest night…alone. The people who connect to me through this blog do so because of similar experiences. I am praying that I am able to help fill your soul with love and strength, so you can go out into YOUR Calcutta and do the same.


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