Mass…twice last weekend!

Last Friday was a Holy Day of Obligation. I decided that last weekend was the day to meet Jesus where He is. I went to Mass Friday night and sat with strangers and saw Jesus. On Sunday morning, I went to the early Mass based on a suggestion from a friend. I will be going to Mass more regularly now.

I am terrified of people. Crowds give me severe, debilitating anxiety. As in…I don’t even grocery shop for myself. I am so stinking proud of myself for getting past the anxiety and moving forward in Love. Jesus met me where I was and I am moving forward with him.

I know that the anxiety will ebb and flow. I realize that just because it was good last weekend doesn’t mean it’ll be good this weekend. I know that some days are easier than others…but here’s the deal: I need Jesus. Desperately. Jesus is my Healer. I trust Him to be there. I trust that I am safe. I trust that all this is just a chemical imbalance in my brain and that I can move past it.

If you struggle with anxiety and you are trying to get back to the routine of life…it can be done. It takes work. It takes effort. It takes support. But it can be done. But Jesus.

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