Mental Health

Coping Skills…What Do I Know?

Back at the beginning of September, I said I was going to do a series on coping skills. I have learned in that month, that I know a lot of technical thing about coping skills, but implementing them is an whole other animal.

My go to coping skill right now is meditation. I meditate each night before bed. It helps soothe the rough spots of the day out. I usually will do this either by saying my Rosary or doing a sleep exercise with a skill on Alexa called Headspace. It is free to do the sleep exercise and it helps me drift off to sleep. Many times, through praying the rosary, I do end up drifting off to sleep. I hope that my guardian angel will finish my prayers for me.

All this to say…I am going to attempt to continue this series during the month of October. I’m sorry that my ideas for September didn’t transpire into goals for September. That’s okay though. There is still the month of October to get the job done. Happy fall, y’all.

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