Living Catholic…

I am a Catholic convert. I entered the Church on March 30, 2013. Since then I haven’t been the best Catholic. I have been so ashamed. Feeling so much guilt and anxiety, I can’t even bring myself to go to confession regularly. (Which most likely would make me feel better, no doubt.)

I want to be more. Be a better person. Day by day I pray I’ll get there. I am starting the journey back to Jesus and the Eucharist. Where do I start? The rosary. Every time. That is what started my journey into the Church back in the early 00s. That, to me, is where I find Jesus best.

I am starting a journey of praying a rosary a day. I would appreciate it if you would join me in this journey. It is my prayer that Jesus reveals himself through this journey in a way that I can’t talk myself out of or ignore. It is my prayer that peace will be give through this journey…as simple as it is. As routine as it is. I’ve found that when things start falling apart it is best to go back to what we know works and what is simple and has routine. This is the rosary for my faith journey.

Here are links to how to pray the rosary. Also, If you have an Alexa enabled device…she is also able to lead you through the rosary if you need guidance. Also, ETWN offers the rosary twice daily.

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